Afro Begue – アフロベゲ

Omar Gaindefall – オマール・ゲンデファル / Vocal, Djembe
Yusuke Tsuda – 津田 悠佑 / Guitar
SuzKen – スズケン / Bass
Daisuke Fujiwara – 藤原 大輔 / Sax, Flute
Toshiyuki Sasaki – 佐々木 俊之 / Drums
Hajime Hashimoto – 橋本 肇 / Percussion
Yuki Ito – 伊藤 勇気 / Drums

ジェンベ・マスターのセネガル人オマール・ゲンデファル率いるアフロビートバンド。「アフロベゲ」の「ベゲ」はウォロフ語で「楽しむ」。セネガルに数世代に渡る伝承音楽家(グリオ)であるオマールの伝統音楽と現代のサウンドを融合させたオリジナルサウンド。ジャンルを超えた沢山の人たちに聴いてもらうべ く、全国各地でライブ活動を行い、圧倒的なパフォーマンスで見る者を魅了。
2014年、1st Album「BEGUE」を発表。
2016年、「ジェンベの神様」ママディ・ケイタ氏来日パーティーで演奏、ママディ氏より高く賞賛させる。また、オマールが立ち上げ、セネガルで開催された二国大使館公認チャリティーイベント「SENE-JAPON Festival」に出演、上田正樹氏、Freres Guisseとの共演も果たす。
2017年、2nd Album「SANTAT」をPlaywrightよりリリース。

A Senegalese-Japanese afro beat band in Japan started by frontman Omar Gaindefall. “Begue” means “enjoy” in Wolof, a language spoken in Senegal. Their original sound mixes Omar’s traditional Senegalese “Griot” style with modern genres such as reggae, jazz and pop. The band released their first album “Begue” in 2014.
Since 2015, their highly acclaimed performance at the African Festival Yokohama was attended by African ambassadors in Japan, also performed at the main stage of Sumida Street Jazz Festival 2015.
In 2016, honored to perform at the welcome party for Mr. Mamady Keita and they were highly praised. In addition, Omar launched the charity project for Senegalese children, gained official approval from both Senegal and Japan Embassies, and the band had stages in Senegal for the first time. The band performed with Mr. Masaki Ueda and Freres Guisses.
In 2017, the band released their second album “SANTAT” from the jazz music label Playwright.
Having gone on many tours throughout Japan, they continue to discover and perform new styles of African music.